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Investment Strategies

We invest companies with both high-growth industry effects and social effects

Industrial Structure: Urbanization + Consumption Upgrading + Industrial Upgrading
1、Urbanization: Urban infrastructure, Green technology
2、Consumption Upgrading: Medical, Retail, Biotechnology
3、Industrial Upgrading: Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Saving and Environment Protection

Focus on Beijing local firms, while pay attention to quality firms nationwide

Growth and expansion

Target Firm
1、has huge market potential
2、has unique business model or leading-edge technology
3、has clear competitive advantage
4、has a visionary team

Value Creation
1、cooperate with our sponsor - Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd and its affiliated firms
2、other than equity investment, help the light-asset companies to obtain credit and loan
3、optimize corporate governance structure, adjust business incentives and decision-making mechanism to release the vitality of enterprises
4、utilize network resources and connections to help companies expand